In preparing to welcome 2015, I am driven to choose my ‘one word’ for the new year. I’ve been thinking about it for some time, and thought I had decided two or three times over before landing on the word zeal. By definition zeal is great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. Energy….enthusiasm….pursuit….This was definitely my word. I am challenging myself to bring zeal to the journey of 2015. I certainly consider myself a passionate educator, but there is always room to improve and bring it to a new level. Zeal is so fitting because the enthusiasm and energy will flow into the various roles that I have. However, no matter the role, the cause is always the same – improving student learning.

This school year has brought wonderful new opportunities for my career. I am working in a new school, a new district and with new grade levels. My environment is filled with progressive educators who are challenging the status quo of education. As an instructional coach, I will ensure that my zeal is employed to improve student learning on every facet. Change brings fear and uncertainty, and part of my role includes calming the unavoidable apprehension while reinforcing the reasoning for the change. I must continue to bring zeal to my colleagues as we collectively seek what is best for our students.

Throughout 2014, I presented and consulted with schools from across the country. Bringing the focused enthusiasm and energy of zeal into various school environments has been a tremendous privilege. As I forge ahead into 2015, I will carry zeal with me wherever I go. Enthusiasm and excitement are contagious, and I will share it as far and wide as possible.

I will pour my zeal into worthy causes that will positively impact student learning. I will be relentless in the pursuit of ideas that transform education and allow kids to maximize their potential to learn. Zeal will bolster my confidence to overcome obstacles and fear that could negatively impact my ability to lead. Peering over the edge into a new year, I am excitedly anticipating all the new ideas and learning.


Bring it on 2015, I am coming with zeal!

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  1. Dennis Schug January 1, 2015 at 11:04 AM - Reply

    Garnet, you’ve made such a powerful commitment by choosing the word “zeal”. I’m excited for you, because zeal is already such a large part of who you are and what you do. Best of all, in 2015, there will be so many learners who benefit from your passion and dedication!

    I always enjoy reading your work and I thoroughly enjoy your writing style.

    Thanks for sharing,


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