What a year it has been…

//What a year it has been…

What a year it has been…

What an incredible year it has been. I don’t think I have had a time of greater growth and reflection in my teaching career. There are so many people to thank, the list would make this post way too long! I have grown because of my colleagues, my professional learning network, and most importantly my students. Today I’ll take a moment to consider the work I have done and what I look forward to doing next year.

The most important switch that happened in my environment was changing from an emphasis on standards based grading to standards based learning. My passion regarding healthy grading practices FOR learning was still important. However this year, more of my time was spent working to leave grading in the background. I focused on the daily experiences I facilitate for my kids. Formative practice and assessment moved to the forefront of my thinking, planning, and reflecting. I recognized that this piece is most critical for my students and their learning. I was responsive to my students needs with feedback throughout the year, which meant that I threw out lesson plans more often than at any other point in my years of teaching. My students determined the direction and pacing of instruction and practice. We found so much success together.

This year I am much more comfortable defending my teaching, grading, and assessment practices. I had some wonderful conversations with a wide variety of people about what I do and why I do it. Those discussions have reinforced my convictions and beliefs about standards based culture and why it is best for students. I have helped my parents get on board with a system that it not like the classrooms they had, not like the classrooms their children have experienced K-8, and most likely not like the classrooms they will go to through the rest of their high school careers. This is always an uphill battle, but with encouragement, communication, and a little bit of compassion along the way, my parents (and students for that matter) support my charge to make learning accessible and attainable for everyone.

On a more personal note, I have strengthened my own knowledge, understanding, and skills throughout the year. I have read, gone to many conferences, and even presented some of my ideas to others about education. I met and talked with some of my heroes in the educational world and they make me a better teacher. They challenge my thinking and help me reflect on changes I need to make for next year. I chatted with some of the best instructors and administrators across the country about a variety of topics via twitter. Through this many doors have opened to me for additional sharing and collaboration. All of these people push me to new levels and give me confidence to take risks in my classroom for the sake of learning.

Throughout this busy summer I hope to find some time to let my brain relax. It is during those times that I am most creative and productive. I already have some areas I would like to improve upon and update before I welcome the class of 2018 next fall. My standards are always a work in progress. I will revisit them as I do every summer to see what improvements can be made. I started to implement a system this spring to remove student apathy from my classes. I am already thinking about how to refine its implementation beginning day 1. One other item I will consider is how to improve student reflection and self-assessment. I am sure more things will come up as the summer progresses, but I also need to remember that a few well thought out revisions are more powerful than many quick ideas for change.

I am looking forward to writing more often. I feel like the end of the school year has pulled me away from my blog and will enjoy writing more regularly. Writing gives direction to my thoughts and reflection. My blog will turn one next month and I cannot believe how writing has not only changed me as an educator but also pushed me forward.

I second guess myself at different points throughout every school year. I wonder if what I am doing is the absolute best for my kids or if I could be doing a better job. It drives me to learn and keep growing my craft. But sometimes I just need to sit back and remind myself that what I do has an impact and a positive one. I will close with a student reflection that to say the least made me very emotional.

“Mrs. Hillman is a wonderful teacher. This year was very intimidating because I have never learned Spanish before so I was a little nervous. Being in Spanish 1 with Mrs. Hillman has made me feel like nothing is impossible. I feel like I am able to learn things at my own pace and really understand what I am doing. The grading scale is very helpful as well. Mrs. Hillman is always there to help any student when needed. She pushes her students to do their best. She helps me have faith in myself and in my learning. I am glad I got the chance to take part in her classroom and learn things from her. Mrs. Hillman, you are an inspiring person and have encouraged me so much. You are a person I admire and would like to take after when I’m older.”

Here’s to a summer of learning, reflection, discussion, and improvement. I am not the teacher I was five years ago, and I will not be the same five years from now.

I am inspired.
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  1. Jim Cordery May 28, 2014 at 2:17 PM - Reply

    Great post, Garnet! I have learned so much from you this past year. I think shifting from standards based grading to standards based learning is a shift that benefits everyone in the classroom. The students know what they are working towards, which is learning the standards. The teacher just needs to be patient and flexible to allow that to happen at each individual’s own pace. Please keep sharing your great insights. Well done!

  2. Ken O'Connor May 26, 2014 at 9:54 PM - Reply

    Great post Garnet. Sorry I missed iledchat tonight.

  3. Roy Sovis May 26, 2014 at 9:59 AM - Reply

    Mrs. Hillman,

    Yes, very inspiring post! The student’s reflection at the end says it all about who you are as a educator. Nice work! It has been great learning with you this year as well as meeting you in person during our Tweetup with @RickWormeli and @Kenoc7. I am looking forward to next year already.

    I will share the formative assessment process resources @MissyWing and I have been creating and gathering over the last five years for our professional development series.

    Have great summer!

  4. katie May 25, 2014 at 1:48 PM - Reply

    I want to redo formative practice and assessments for next school year. Would you be able to send me some examples?

    I teach Spanish 1 in the Middle School.

    • Roy Sovis May 26, 2014 at 10:01 AM - Reply


      I can direct you to some great resources. Contact me via @Roysovis.

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