I am humbled and honored by feedback from colleagues and fellow educators…

Garnet is a humble, reflective practitioner and a strong, insightful advocate for the growing movement that is bringing schools away from traditional assessment systems that allow many things to affect a student’s grade and into a world where only a student’s capacity with defined academic standards will count toward his/her grades.

David Hochheiser                                         @DavidHochheiser                                                 Curriculum and Operations Administrator Massachusetts


Garnet Hillman is the teacher we all want our children to experience. She respects her students, establishes a trusting environment, provides choice, expects students to take risks, and promotes a growth mindset through a student-centered philosophy.  Fortunately, her passion for teaching is not limited to the students in her classroom. In addition to the energy committed to her students, she inspires educators seeking professional growth.

Garnet continues to challenge traditional mindsets in order to make student learning a priority in our schools. She has courageously emerged as a leader in standards based learning and instruction, contributing an eloquent, insightful voice to the national conversation. Garnet selflessly models her craft, reflects on experiences, and shares expertise with those invested in education. This website is an invaluable resource for leaders seeking to impact a culture of learning.

With respect and admiration,

Brian Durst
English Communication Arts Teacher
Grafton High School
Grafton, WI


In addition to speaking and sharing about student voice, I really became a huge fan of Garnet Hillman who spoke on Standards Based Grading… I could have sat and picked her brain all day. She was really dynamic. She really forced me to think about a lot of things… Just getting a chance to hear her speak on her system not only opened my eyes to some things, but made my PLN that much more rich.

Aaron Mauer
Instructional Coach
Bettendorf, IA