Note taking…for fun?

//Note taking…for fun?

Note taking…for fun?

Today I had the opportunity to visit one of the 6th grade science rooms (shout out to @KatieBudrow) at my school and introduce Sketchnoting. The kids and I spent some time talking about traditional note taking and some of the difficulties they encounter during the process. They talked about how many times they frantically write and don’t process any of the information they are putting on paper or in a digital document. I asked if any of them doodle during class, and the overwhelming answer was Yes! So, this was the question…

What if your doodles could become part of your notes and help you learn WHILE you take them?

As expected, this garnered quite the positive response. So, we dove in. I didn’t give many instructions to the kids, simply that we could include drawings and words to capture the main ideas and key points of what was being presented. We looked at a couple of examples and got started. At the beginning of the period, the students had journaled about ‘What is the scariest or spookiest, or creepiest species on the planet? (Today is the day before Halloween just for a point of reference!). To begin I had the kids think about how they could turn their journal entry into a sketchnote.

sketchnoting 3sketchnoting 6

We then moved on to a more difficult task of sketchnoting with a video segment – the football scene from It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. The segment was short – just over a minute, but below are examples of what they came up with. They needed to know that it didn’t have to make sense to others, but it had to make sense to them.

sketchnoting 1sketchnoting 2

Finally, we shifted the conversation to science and some quick drawings/icons we could use with their current unit on ecosystems. We didn’t have a lot of time, but it was neat to see what they came up with for some of the key ideas – a sun for energy, arrows for cycle, pizza for food, grass, trees, and flowers for a habitat…

sketchnoting 4

The best part? The students made comments such  as – Can I do this during class? This is fun! I like this better than writing everything down. Can I add to the notes afterward? The kids then realized that adding to the notes later on would actually be doing what their teachers ask them to do daily with notes…review them.


Here’s to our newest members of the sketchnoting community!

sketchnoting 7

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  1. Trish November 4, 2015 at 2:46 PM - Reply

    Nice hat, Mrs. Hillman–I know doodling helps keep restless hands busy. I love that we use it as a technique. Personally, I could use this at some of the conference sessions I go to! 🙂

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