Astounding ourselves

//Astounding ourselves

Astounding ourselves

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.                                                                                  – Thomas A. Edison

What gets in the way of our working to capacity?

Fear. We are scared we might fail. We are scared our students might fail. We fear the unknown. We fear what is new, unexplored, and beyond the realm of tradition. We fear student backlash. We fear parent push-back. We fear we will be misunderstood or ostracized by our colleagues.

I have vowed to be courageous this year, and I feel like I am fulfilling that promise. I have faced every fear above and done my best not to succumb to them. I can’t stop now, though. I must continue to push ahead and beyond the fear. I know I don’t work to my ultimate capacity every day, but as long as I am progressing, learning, and growing, I am content. I get stuck sometimes, but in turn find support and inspiration with my colleagues and ever-growing PLN. There is always help and reinforcement for those who seek it. I have learned to appreciate times of struggle as well as those when ideas flow easily. My greatest growth happens at the moments when I feel stuck but continue and persevere. These are the moments when we astound ourselves. We are capable of amazing things.

It is at this point during the school year that so many of us feel like we are dragging. The weight of the school year and all our other obligations loom heavily. We are tempted to go on auto-pilot and coast into the summer. We become scared that our students have given up and are ‘done.’ We can easily allow fear to creep in and take over, but our students need more. They have grown tired as well and need us to be fully present more than ever. This is the time to show our students how learning happens everywhere in their lives. Learning continues no matter whether school is in session or not. Learning is what carries us forward and keeps our minds active.

Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great.                                                                                                            – Fernando Flores

Shed your fear and be courageous. Shatter the walls that hold you back and cause stagnation. Charge forward and literally astound yourself!

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