About Garnet

Garnet HillmanGarnet Hillman is an Instructional Coach in Deerfield, IL and has previously served as a  High School World Language instructor. She has been an educator for fifteen years.  Garnet enjoys working with new technology to differentiate instruction and connect with the students on a whole new level. One of her many responsibilities is working with teachers to improve instructional practice and grading policies.

A passionate educator, Garnet has extensively researched and executed standards based learning and grading in her classroom to maximize student growth and achievement.

As a ‘lead learner’ wanting to set an example for students and teachers alike, Garnet’s quest for knowledge continues outside of the classroom as well.  In addition to live presentations on Standards Based Learning and Grading to fellow educators, she enjoys writing about her educational journey in her blog, co-moderating and participating in various education-focused chats on twitter, such as the #SBLchat (Wednesdays, 9pm est/6pm pst) , and working as a mentor.  Garnet also enjoys collaborating with fellow educators at various conferences and Edcamp events throughout the year.

In March 2014, Garnet was chosen as Sophia.org Featured Teacher of the Month.  The site featured one article per week for the month of March from Garnet.  Read the first in her series about standards-based education, “A Teacher’s Journey of Positive Deviance.

Garnet likes to travel, read, run, and cook in her free time. She also loves to spend time with her husband and their two wonderful sons.