A true professional learning experience

A true professional learning experience

Mind blown…period.  I have just experienced what professional learning is all about.  I am motivated, inspired, and excited to try something new in my classroom.

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a #patue (Pedagogy and Technology) chat about something called augmented reality.  I had no idea what it was, had only heard about it sporadically via Twitter.  But, I wanted to figure out what it was so I joined the conversation.  From that chat, I made some connections, found some resources, and set out on my journey.
For anyone who is unfamiliar with the idea of augmented reality, the easiest way for me to understand the idea is the yellow line on the football field during television broadcasts.  Obviously, the field is real, but the line is not.  Augmented reality allows us to overlay a video on an image of an object using an app.
I spent some time over the next few days reading more about augmented reality and watching some videos.  I downloaded an app, Aurasma, and tried to look at some auras that were already made.  I tried to make my first one, but I wasn’t ready yet…it failed.
So, back to reading a little bit more and thinking a bit more about classroom application.  Then, I tried again, and guess what? IT WORKED! It was very cool to run the camera over my computer and then my face popped up and gave the Spanish equivalent, la computadora.  This is the most basic of uses for augmented reality, but at this point, I just wanted it to work!
I then went to my kids, age 7 and 9, and showed them.  They of course wanted to make one.  So, they shot a quick video of one of them saying this is my iPod, and then did the overlay with the image…and presto!  My kids were so enthused, I can only imagine how my high schoolers will react.
So, we come up on the present day…yet another #patue chat with wonderful gurus on the topic of augmented reality.  This time, I had formed some ideas and was ready to share.  I actively participated in the discussion and got even more wonderful examples about how to use augmented reality in my classroom next year.  What I would really like to do is have my students write about themselves in Spanish and then record themselves in English for the video.  Their parents could use the app to see the video of their child at curriculum night.
Research, attempts, failure, more research, more attempts, success…I am definitely going to share this experience with my students in the fall to show them that I am always learning along with them, trying, failing, trying again, and eventually succeeding.

This is the learning process, and it is wonderful.

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  1. Joy Kirr July 3, 2013 at 7:00 AM - Reply

    Downloading the app right now…!

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