cropped-P1-13003.jpgWelcome to garnethillman.com!

I am thrilled to share this site with you as a way to communicate and collaborate about my journey in the educational world.  Thanks for stopping by – Let’s learn together!

I am a huge proponent of FEEDBACK in all forms – and I welcome yours on this site.  Please feel free to visit the feedback page and let me know what you think!


Upcoming presentations/conferences:

March 10: “Why Should I Change How I Grade?”, MAMSE, Flint, MI
June 15: Grading and Assessment Training, First Educational Resources, Aurora, IL
June 26-30: Assessment training, Solution Tree, Fort Wingate, NM
August 3: Grading and Assessment Training, First Educational Resources, Brainard, MN
Click here to listen to my latest podcast for Learning Lab Radio “Standards Based Grading: Focus on Understanding”


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  1. Garnet: Cool site and very cool name. I’m sure I share many of your thoughts about grading. In lots of ways, grades are often more important than learning. They cause endless stress and include failure as part of the design. Without grades, you can be in a situation where you haven’t finished but never fail in the traditional sense. Failing grades are compounded by our semester/school year system where if you don’t pass, you go back to square one no matter what you know and have done. Now when I teach graduate level leadership classes I let the students grade themselves. They have to defend the grade and I have the right to change it, which I have only done twice. (one up and one down) I like the idea of badges, which require students to show mastery of a body of knowledge along with creating something. Thanks to people like you, we are heading in a direction where education will be about what does each individual child needs as opposed to what’s convenient for the adults. Looking forward to your reply. Best, Doug

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